About the author

My name is Kate. I have been a copywriter for more than 20 years


Over that time, I’ve been lucky enough to interview hundreds of different people, some of whom really stand out in my memory as inspirational role models.


The idea of writing a book about inspirational people began forming in my mind many years ago but I never really did much about it. Then, five years ago, I was introduced to Law of Attraction, which is the law that says you get more of what you focus on. As I began to read more about this law, and tested it out for myself, I discovered it to be true. I had always been prone to depression and had tried out a number of different therapeutic approaches, including anti-depressants and cognitive behavioural therapy, none of which had worked. Once I found out about Law of Attraction, however, I started paying close attention to what I was thinking about. I found that I tended to dwell on the bad stuff, even though my life had plenty of good stuff in it. From that moment, I took a conscious decision to pay attention to what I was thinking about and also opted to stop watching the news every day as it tended to cause me to feel fearful, upset or annoyed.


The results have been fantastic. I am happier than I have ever been and I no longer have even the slightest whiff of depression. My life has begun unfolding in positive and unexpected ways. I have dedicated myself to living my dream and am testing out just how far I can take this. It is work in progress, so watch this space, but I am confident that, by focusing on good things, I will continue drawing good things to me.


In my bid to “live the dream”, I returned to the idea of publishing a book. However, rather than just write about inspirational people, I decided I wanted to write about anything that makes people feel good. I called the idea Uplifting Stories so that people would know straightaway what it was all about. I decided that a website was the best way of collecting and sharing stories, and that a book or series of books could, then follow.


My belief is that if I can convince other people to start focusing more on the good things in the world, rather than the bad, maybe they, too, will start attracting better experiences into their lives. And, if enough of us do it, well, who knows where it will end…


There is lots of other stuff like this out there, including the fabulous Action for Happiness. I will be signposting as much of it as I can on the website so that, if you want to, you can explore this idea further.


However, there is no pressure on anyone to do anything other than read/watch the stories that are on here and feel good about them. Enjoy the site and have fun and, who knows, your world may even start to change while you are at it.


Kate x