Welcome to Uplifting Stories, the website dedicated to telling real life uplifting stories.

These are real people’s stories. Not all of them will make you want to jump for joy. In fact, many of them feature tales of real adversity and hardship. However, all of the stories share of core of hope and love. The people I interview – and they are, without exception, inspirational – have gained many unique insights as a result of the experiences they have lived. They have been kind enough to open their hearts to me so that I can share some of these insights with you.

I hope you like what we’re doing here. If so, do please spread the word and join us on Facebook and Twitter. It would be fantastic if we could create a build a community of like-minded people who want to feel better about life by focusing on everything that’s best about it.

My own story has not always been all that uplifting. I have battled over the years with depression and debt. But, in recent years, by making a conscious choice to focus more on positive things and less on negative things, I have turned my life around. Uplifting Stories is part of my journey and it would be great if you would come along with me. In my experience, once you start looking for the feel-good stuff, you find it everywhere.

If you would like me to tell your story, do get in touch. And to everyone who has shared their stories so far, as well as to you for visiting the site THANK YOU. I hope we’ve brightened your day.

Kate Philbin