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Editorial Policy


Uplifting Stories is dedicated to sharing real-life stories that make people feel good. We do not publish stories that are defamatory, discriminatory or potentially damaging to individuals. We do not publish overtly commercial editorial. Our aim is to use people’s stories responsibly and sensitively and to comply with international copyright laws.




Sorry but we are not able to pay fees to publish stories.


Submitting a Story


If you submit a potential story to us and we want to use it, we will contact you for more details. In every case, you will have an opportunity to approve your story before it is published on the site. We cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or misleading information supplied to us by third parties.




If you submit photographs to us, we will ask you to confirm that you are the copyright holder and we have your permission to use the photograph before we publish them on the site.


Licensing Agreement


A collection of the best stories from our website will be published at a later date in a book or series of books. Our Licensing Agreement, which all contributors will be asked to sign, grants permission to Uplifting Stories to use stories and images on both the website and in subsequent books and promotional material.