Lisy has lost 21kgs so far and feels (and looks) amazing

Strong and healthy in body and mind by Lisy Tyrell


Lisy photo

As my friends will vouch I was a “voluptuous 18”- big and bubbly in nature.  My size never stopped me from being 1st in a swimsuit (or skinny dipping!) in the sea with my girlfriends.  I was happy with my curves most of the time.  But each milestone birthday I always had that nagging voice telling me I needed to get fit, strong and healthy.  Although I did try I never quite made it and quickly sank back to accepting I’d be big and bubbly instead.


Then in January this year I had a health scare- a suspected stroke?!!  I’m 43.  In actual fact I’ve now been diagnosed with Epilepsy, hip hip hooray!  I never thought I’d be so pleased to have it confirmed.  But when I thought about things I began to realise it could well have been a stroke or worse- I was an ideal candidate!

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Looking at my son- I would do anything to protect him from hurt, sadness or pain. So why wasn’t I looking after myself better….

After all I am the very person he loves so much.  How would it be if something worse had happened to me?  The thought was too emotional to contemplate.  Then there was my gorgeous hubby, Stephen, my childhood sweetheart.  How would it be to leave him alone too early simply because I didn’t look after myself?  Something had to change- well a lot had to change actually!


Stephen guided me to contact Seb at The Warehouse in Dartmouth.  He came to visit and see if he could help.  Although my diet, to me, seemed ok- well apart from the chocolate, oh and the biscuits, oh and the crisps- oh bugger!  OK I was kidding myself.  But the times when I had tried to get healthy I just ended up hungry, grumpy and certainly didn’t have energy to try a new fitness regime.


Once Seb explained about a complete healthy lifestyle it all made sense and I was eager to start.  My god it was hard!

Seb has been so encouraging, patient and fun (although his music taste is awful) I would never have believed I could achieve the tasks he sets me to do.  My new journey has truly begun, the new me is finally taking shape!

Lisy photo 1

Where am I now?

I have lost an amazing 21kgs and dropped 2 dress sizes!  But it’s so much more than that.  For possibly the first time in my adult life I really feel strong & healthy.  Strong & healthy in body but also in mind.

With epilepsy I’m not driving for a while – but I’m walking and wait for it….. cycling!  I’ve changed from a chick who got puffed out walking up the stairs to a groovy chick who cycles down to the beach and then cycles (or pushes!) her bike back up these Devon hills.  I can run with my son, catch him & still have enough breath in my body to tell him how much I love him.


Being diagnosed with Epilepsy has been the best thing that could have happened to me.  But I shouldn’t have left my fitness so late… whatever your size or shape – yes even if you are a skinny Minnie! How strong, fit and healthy are you really?  If you don’t like the answer then today is the perfect day to start a new journey and Seb is a fantastic person to point you in the direction of success – Good Luck!



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